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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What is CBT?


CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has been shown to be an evidence-based highly effective intervention for anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and many other mental health concerns. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy info


Who Created CBT?


CBT has cognitive and behavioral components and can be attributed to many individuals over the last millennia. The formal CBT model was compiled by Aaron Beck in the 1950s. Aaron Beck has been called the “father of CBT.”

How does CBT work?

As stated in its name, CBT contains Cognitive and Behavioral components. The cognitive parts revolve around negative thinking and becoming more of negative automatic thoughts and eventually challenging and reframing them along with the negative beliefs situated behind the negative thinking. The Behavioral component commonly involves “behavioral activation” with components such as activity scheduling in order to provide the individual with a more active and structured schedule designed to improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.


How do I know if CBT is right for me?


CBT is one of the most wide ranging evidence based treatments available for mental health problems around. With that being said, CBT is not for everyone as just with every treatment, there are limitations and compatibility issues. If you think CBT may be helpful for you, we recommend reaching out for a 15-minute consult.

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