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Therapy for          Men

We at The Clarity Clinic have found that there is a glaring need for male specific psychotherapy.

The idea that men constantly have to be "tough" or "emotionless" is an outdated and dangerous concept,

A recent statistic showed that men complete suicide at nearly 2x the rate of their female counterparts.



Emotional Suppression/Toxic Masculinity:

Toxic Masculinity is a popular phrase in our society, but what does it really mean and why is it so bad?


Because of the fact that men have historically been the providers and protectors of the family unit, there developed a belief among men that vulnerability = weakness. 

We thankfully do not live in prehistoric society and are able to experience emotions without bringing about a danger to ourselves and our family members. 

However, the biologically hardwired belief does not necessarily change. What happens frequently because of this belief is emotional suppression. Holding our feelings in or "suppressing/repressing" them can create anger/anxiety/depression and a whole host of other mental/physical health issues.

Through Cognitive-behavioral Therapy at the Clarity Clinic, you will be able to begin identifying these distorted beliefs and thought processes and obtain the support and clarity you need to relieve your symptoms. 

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Male Physical/Emotional Abuse  and Trauma:

Contrary to popular belief, approximately 1 in 3 men experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime by a significant other. 

When a male experiences intimate abuse, he is likely to ignore or deny its significance due to shame, embarrassment, and societal expectations. 

The trauma remains though, and the individual may be in a state of fight or flight with the feeling of being unable to ask for help. 

Frequently, these suppressed feelings can manifest as anger, depression, or anxiety. 

Many times even after the male leaves the abusive relationship, unresolved traumatic memories can result in internalizing (anxiety, depression) or externalizing (lashing out, anger) due to the unprocessed trauma. 

Trauma-focused CBT and Cognitive Processing Therapy are Evidence-based methods we utilize to help you process the trauma and remedy the fight or flight response, which is preventing you from building positive relationships and living the life you want and deserve. 


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